Hi! My name is Sophie Von Bodisco and I’m working in the sphere of fashion, art and photography for more than 10 years. I produce many different things. Based in Ibiza.



I work with any kind of lights, I’m very flexible and creative.

The main working styles for me are: Fashion and Commercial, Still life (object), Food, Life style.

But I’m able to do any kind of other shootings as well: Interiors, Family, Animals, Report, Business portraits etc.



I’m working as retoucher for brands, magazines and privet clients. I’m able to work with very difficult cases and do artistic photo processing as well.



This is one of my favourite spheres. Digital art is a modern way of art that can be used for anything. I have done a series of graphic collages for luxury restaurants, privet apartments, brands and musicians.  I’m full of ideas and passion for it.




I work in different techniques: acrylic, mixed techniques, graphic, dot work, aquarelle. Most of the paintings that are presented here are something that I like personally (out of my works). I did many sketches for tattoos, painting on walls, furniture, dress and objects, but I don’t show them here, because basically I did them helping clients realise their ideas.



   I’m able to do many things: CD covers,  Posters, Exclusive photo albums (with unique and only one made design), Illustrations, Flyers, Booklets, Logos,  Layout of books andmagazines, Design for websites (only graphic part) and Сorporate identitydevelopment. I work in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and for some projects I draw by hands.

But If you ask me what I would prefer to do out of all these things, I would honestly say – I prefer creative and unusual projects, because I think I’m better in that.



I’m always trying to improve my skills in everything I do. I’m open to all kinds of projects and work. If I’m sure that I can give you my best – I’m always in. If I’m not sure I’m good for something – I prefer to tell it honestly and may be can suggest to you some of my colleagues.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find exactly the right ideas to match your taste. There so many artists and different type of art in the world. But all of them are existing for some reason and for somebody. May be my art is for you!